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How does it work?
How does it work?

Fastest times

Check our Wall of Fame here. Here you will find the fastest time ever and the fastest times of the month for each city. Have you already done the Escape Tour , and is your team the fastest ever? Or have you yet have to complete the Escape Tour , and are you curious about the times to be beat? Check out our Wall of Fame!

Alkmaar » Ranking
Fastest ever: kipie
Amersfoort » Ranking
Fastest ever: sanne
Amsterdam » Ranking
Veenstra & Van der Lans Alliance
Fastest ever: Veenstra & Van der Lans Alliance
Apeldoorn » Ranking
Fastest ever: Leseul
Arnhem » Ranking
Dennis en Erwin
Fastest ever: Dennis en Erwin
Barcelona » Ranking
noezel & roezel
Fastest ever: noezel & roezel
Bolsward » Ranking
Fastest ever: Tilletroep
Breda » Ranking
Fastest ever: Jocelelau
Delft » Ranking
Fastest ever: LBSwinners
Den Bosch » Ranking
boscche bollen
Fastest ever: boscche bollen
Deventer » Ranking
Fastest ever: buurtjesworp100
Eindhoven » Ranking
Fastest ever: Marissa
Enschede » Ranking
Fastest ever: Jasper
Frankfurt » Ranking
Lammerse Utd.
Fastest ever: Lammerse Utd.
Gouda » Ranking
the Kloezzzz
Fastest ever: the Kloezzzz
Groningen » Ranking
Suus powerrangers
Fastest ever: Suus powerrangers
Haarlem » Ranking
tattoo bob
Fastest ever: tattoo bob
Harderwijk » Ranking
Fastest ever: spirit
Ibiza » Ranking
Fastest ever: zwartjes
Kampen » Ranking
Team 5
Fastest ever: Team 5
Leeuwarden » Ranking
Fastest ever: Daan&Lara
Leuven » Ranking
Fastest ever: Duveltjes
Maastricht » Ranking
Thundercats  kick ’m in the nuts
Fastest ever: Thundercats kick ’m in the nuts
Madrid » Ranking
Fastest ever: z
Mechelen » Ranking
Team Awesome
Fastest ever: Team Awesome
Middelburg » Ranking
de champignons
Fastest ever: de champignons
Nijmegen » Ranking
Fastest ever: Kaapel
Palma De Mallorca » Ranking
team Vedet
Fastest ever: team Vedet
Porto » Ranking
portugal chicksss
Fastest ever: portugal chicksss
Rome » Ranking
Fastest ever: Karmannen
Rotterdam » Ranking
game changers
Fastest ever: game changers
Salzburg » Ranking
Fastest ever: slovsquad
Silves » Ranking
De Nando’s
Fastest ever: De Nando’s
Texel » Ranking
Fastest ever: schaapjes
Utrecht » Ranking
team bride 123
Fastest ever: team bride 123
Valencia » Ranking
De Nappies
Fastest ever: De Nappies
Zutphen » Ranking
Fastest ever: h
How does it work?
1. Choose your city, pay easily online and receive direct instructions in your email to start the Escape Tour .
2. You can start the game whenever you like. Right now, tomorrow, next week, in a month...
3. Solve the mystery and escape within 2 hours. Become the winner of the month!
Fun facts Fun facts
  • Most popular city: Utrecht
  • More than 13,000 played Escape Tours
  • Secret escape 8,100 times found
  • 34.000 walked kilometers
Snelste tijden Wall of fame

Check out the Wall of Fame!