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How does it work?
How does it work?

Frequently asked questions

Are you about to do an Escape Tour and do you really want to go prepared? Then view our video and read the preparation tips carefully! This is how you prevent it problems before and during playing the game.

Do you have any further questions? Then check below for your question and answer!

Frequently asked questions

  • arrow_drop_down What should I do if my phone's battery dies during the game?
    First of all, we recommend that you play the game on the phone in your team that has the longest battery life. This is often the most recent and most expensive telephone. If your battery runs low during the game, you can continue playing on another phone. In this case, go through the following steps:
    - Leave the game on the phone that is almost dead.
    - Log in on the new telephone with your personal login details.
    - Click away the game info.
    - Press start.
    - Do not re-enter your team name and team members but press: 'or resume with existing team'.
    - Continue the Escape Tour with the new and full phone.

    Note: The time you spend switching to a new phone will be deducted from your playing time! The time you see in the app after switching over is therefore no longer correct...
  • arrow_drop_down The game does not work. What might be the reason for this?
    Have you downloaded the app? If you have completed the steps (login code/team name/participants), then the game will only start once you have pressed the start button. Did you do this? Then walk a bit and zoom out on your screen to find yourself, the blue dot on the map.
  • arrow_drop_down I use an iPhone, but the pins on the map do not work. What should I do?
    Chances are that you are using an outdated version of iOS or the Loquiz app. Please update both to the most recent version. Is it still not working? It is best to use another device from your team. Follow the steps below to continue on another device.
    - Leave the game on the phone that you started with.
    - Log in on the other telephone with your personal login details.
    - Click away the game info.
    - Press start.
    - Do not re-enter your team name and team members but press: 'or resume with existing team'.
    - Continue the Escape Tour with the other phone.
  • arrow_drop_down I purchased a ticket through Eurosparen. What next?
    When you have paid via Eurosparen, you will receive a discount code from Eurosparen that you redeem on the Escape Tours website. Choose your city, make a reservation, enter the code you received from Eurosparen in the third step - in the box 'enter discount code' - and complete the reservation. But please note: after you press the redeem button, the code can no longer be used, so finish the reservation completely! You will then receive the complete explanation of the Escape Tour in your email (also check your spam box).
  • arrow_drop_down I bought tickets through Social Deal. What next?
    When you have paid via Social Deal, you will receive a discount code from Social Deal that you redeem on the Escape Tours website. Choose your city, make a reservation, enter the code you received from Social Deal in the third step - in the box 'enter discount code' - and complete the reservation. But please note: after you press the redeem button, the code can no longer be used, so finish the reservation completely! You will then receive the complete explanation of the Escape Tour in your email (also check your spam box).

Questions in front

  • arrow_drop_down Can I play the game at any time of the day?
    Yes, you can decide for yourself what time you want to play the game. You play the game on your own smartphone and there is no supervisor present. By following all the instructions you receive by email you can start the game yourself.
  • arrow_drop_down Is this game also suitable for exploring the city?
    The game is always played in the (old) centre of a city. We try to (re-)discover the city in an interactive way and show you the most interesting places. Of course, the fun is paramount.
  • arrow_drop_down How long is an Escape Tour valid?
    After booking an Escape Tour, you will receive an email with all the instructions and a login code. From that moment, you can start the Escape Tour whenever you want. The login code is valid for 1 year after the booking date.
  • arrow_drop_down Is the Escape Tour suitable for all ages?
    The Escape Tour is made for adults and young people. This means that the riddles and questions will usually be too difficult for children. The storyline is also based on the history of the city, and the text is written with humour best understood by adults. However, some children will enjoy looking for a solution occasionally or navigating with the smartphone (the game generation); for them, it might be fun to come along. Even so, our experience shows that it is not always fun for them to do.
  • arrow_drop_down Can the Escape Tour be played on all types of smartphones?
    We strongly recommend that you use a smartphone that is no more than 3 years old to ensure that the Escape Tour can be played successfully.
  • arrow_drop_down Is the Escape Tour wheelchair friendly?
    Yes of course. You determine your own route, with your team, and of course that can be wheelchair accessible.
  • arrow_drop_down Do I need continuous WiFi or 4G?
    No, you must load the Escape Tour once through our app. Once this is done, you will not use any more of your internet bundle, apart from uploading a few photos. If you have WiFi to start the game, that will work as well, but then the photos will not be uploaded during the game. An internet connection is also required to receive the statistics immediately after the game ends.
  • arrow_drop_down Can I do the Escape Tour if I have difficulty walking or am in poor condition?
    With an Escape Tour, you will be walking around the city at a good pace for about two hours. This means that you will easily walk 4 to 5 kilometres. If you have difficulty walking, you will not be able to play the game optimally.
  • arrow_drop_down Can you also play the Escape Tour in the weekend, on a public holiday or in the evenings?
    Yes, an Escape Tour can be played any time of the day. You are not dependent on opening times. However, it may be that some places are less accessible late in the evening. That is why we recommend starting the game during the day or early in the evening.
  • arrow_drop_down We are already familiar with the city. Is an Escape Tour still fun then?
    Yes of course! We have searched for the nicest, less well-known places in the city. You also get a different view of the city during an Escape Tour. You will always come across something new and fun.
  • arrow_drop_down What kind of questions and assignments can I expect?
    You navigate through the city centre using our app. The assignments en route vary enormously, such as searches, knowledge questions, photo assignments and/or calculation questions. Something for everyone!
  • arrow_drop_down Are the assignments in the different cities similar?
    No, every city has its own storyline, assignments and questions. The concept remains the same, but the content differs per city. This also makes it fun to play an Escape Tour for a second time, but in a different city.
  • arrow_drop_down Can an Escape Tour also be played with 2 people?
    Yes, it can be great fun for two people! All the assignments and questions can also be completed as a couple.
  • arrow_drop_down I have purchased multiple tickets through a savings campaign. How can I redeem these?
    If you have purchased 2 or more tickets through a savings promotion, you will have to make a new reservation for each one and enter the different discount code obtained with each reservation.
  • arrow_drop_down I want to buy a ticket through Eurosparen. What should I do?
    Book an Escape Tour on the Eurosparen website. You will receive a voucher with a voucher code. You enter this voucher code for Eurotickets. You will then receive a ticket with a barcode on it. Now go to the Escape Tours website and enter the 13-digit code (located under the barcode) in the third step of the booking process. To do this, click on the 'enter discount code' button. Complete the booking, and you will automatically receive all the necessary information for your Escape Tour.
  • arrow_drop_down Which payment methods can I use?
    You can only pay for an Escape Tour online. The payment methods you can choose from are: iDeal, Maestro, Matercard, Visa, Giropay and Bancontact.
  • arrow_drop_down Can I get an invoice?
    Yes you can. After booking and payment, you can send an email to info@escapetours.nl asking for an invoice. This will then be sent via e-mail within a few days.
  • arrow_drop_down Can I play the Escape Tour if there are all kinds of festivities or events in the city centre?
    This is of course different per city and depends on the size of an event. If it is a weekly market on a square, then you can play the Escape Tour without problems. If, for example, it is King's Day or there are festivities throughout the city centre for which almost every square is occupied, we advise you to do the Escape Tour at a different time.
  • arrow_drop_down Can I also play the Escape Tour with an iPad or tablet?
    Yes, that is possible! You do need an internet connection at the start of the game. You thus need a SIM card in your tablet, or you can set up a hotspot with your phone.
  • arrow_drop_down I paid with my credit card, but I have received a payment reminder. Is my booking valid?
    If you pay via the credit card option, it can take up to two hours before the payment is approved and completed. In the meantime, you may receive a payment reminder; you can ignore that in this case. You will automatically receive a payment confirmation with all the necessary information. Have you not received it after two hours? Then please contact us.

Questions about the game

  • arrow_drop_down Do I need to use a power bank for the Escape Tour?
    With most recent telephones with a long battery life, the battery should be able to last. Nevertheless, we recommend that you bring a power bank. Especially if you use an older telephone.
  • arrow_drop_down I have an iPad or tablet. Can I use it to do the Escape Tour?
    If there is a SIM card with a 3G/4G internet bundle with which you can start the game, then this is of course also fine. You make it easier for yourself because then everyone can easily read the assignment on the screen.
  • arrow_drop_down Can I pause the game?
    When you start the Escape Tour, the clock starts ticking, and you cannot stop it. There is no way to pause the game halfway.
  • arrow_drop_down Can I also open the game in another location?
    Yes of course. The only thing to be aware of is that the time will begin running when you press the start button. That is why it is very important that you start the Escape Tour at the location indicated in the email.
  • arrow_drop_down Is there an Escape Tours instructor at the agreed location?
    The Escape Tour has been developed to be able to play the game at any time, via your own smartphone. There is no instructor present. Therefore, read the instructions carefully with your fellow players; the instructions will be sent to you by e-mail.
  • arrow_drop_down Should I take all the instructions with me?
    Yes, we advise that you take the printed mail with the instructions and the game explanation with you. Or make sure that the information can be read by several people in the team, so that you can always read back during the game. There is no instructor available to answer questions.
  • arrow_drop_down Do I necessarily have to start at the indicated start location?
    Yes, definitely. The game starts at a central location in the city. This place is determined in such a way that the game can be played well. If you start in a different place, you may spend more time walking to various assignments, with the result that you may not finish within two hours.
  • arrow_drop_down Do I have to log in at home before the Escape Tour?
    No, only log in when you are on location and plan to start the game.

Doing an Escape Tour with a group?

  • arrow_drop_down I want to play the game with, for example, 17 people. How many teams should I make?
    You buy 1 ticket per team. We recommend creating teams of 2-5 people. This gets everyone involved in the game. With 17 people, you make four or more teams, so you would buy at least four tickets.
  • arrow_drop_down I bought 2 or more tickets. How does this work?
    You have received different login details for each team. So one person logs in per team, and the game is played on that person's smartphone. You can then start 5 minutes apart, so that you do not get to the assignment points with all the teams at the same time.
  • arrow_drop_down If we play the game with 3 teams, how do we know when we have won?
    We track everyone's status online. Afterwards, you can see on the Wall of Fame which team has performed the best. Here, you can also immediately see if you have managed to earn a spot among the fastest teams of all time!  
  • arrow_drop_down I would like guidance with the Escape Tour. Is this possible?
    Yes, we can also provide the game including instructor and iPads. However, this is a customized service, and there are other costs involved. This is possible from 40 people. Contact us for a customized proposal.
  • arrow_drop_down I am playing with several teams. Do we all start at the same time?
    We then recommend starting the groups 5 minutes apart. This does not matter for the game, since each team has a maximum of two hours to find the secret passage. Starting with a few minutes between the teams means that you will not be walking together or hear each other's answers, as you are all walking the same route.
  • arrow_drop_down Is there a competition element?
    Yes, certainly! Obviously, the intention is to find the secret passage out of the city within two hours. If you succeed and another team fails, then you are faster and therefore the winner. You can find all the results from the teams on our website. Escaping the city is more important than the number of correct answers.


  • arrow_drop_down The code is incorrect. What can I do?
    That means that it is already being used by another team member. When he or she closes the game, you can continue the Escape Tour on another device with the code.
  • arrow_drop_down My login details do not work. What should I do?
    Remove the app from your phone and download the app again. Then try again.
  • arrow_drop_down I am in Amsterdam but the pin shows another city. What can I do?
    You have purchased the wrong ticket, for another city. Buy the tickets for Amsterdam, and you will receive your new login details within a few minutes to be able to play the Escape Tour.
  • arrow_drop_down My smartphone has difficulty finding the points on the map. Why is that?
    You must then adjust your GPS settings on your smartphone or other device. You can adjust the location accuracy in the settings.
  • arrow_drop_down I have lost the game explanation. What can I do?
    Click here to read the general game explanation.
  • arrow_drop_down I have not received any login details. What should I do?
    First check your spam inbox. It is possible that the email ended up there. Is this not the case, for example because a wrong e-mail address has been entered or your e-mail has been deleted? Feel free to contact us.
  • arrow_drop_down I did not receive any email after the game ended. What should I do?
    Wait a few minutes at the finish location. It may take some time before the email with further instructions is sent. And remember to check your spam inbox! It is possible that the email ended up there.

Escape Tours outside of The Netherlands

  • arrow_drop_down Is the Escape Tour only available in English?
    The European cities will all be offered in multiple languages. This is still under development and will be coming online in the coming months. Keep an eye on our website for more information.
How does it work?
1. Choose your city, pay easily online and receive direct instructions in your email to start the Escape Tour .
2. You can start the game whenever you like. Right now, tomorrow, next week, in a month...
3. Solve the mystery and escape within 2 hours. Become the winner of the month!
Fun facts Fun facts
  • Most popular city: Utrecht
  • More than 31,000 played Escape Tours
  • 78% found the secret exit
  • 98.000 walked kilometers
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