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Stadswapen London
How does it work?
How does it work?

Escape Tour London

This game is in: English

In 1888, London was startled by five horrific murders in a short time. The police decided to close off the city completely, so that Jack the Ripper, the murderer, felt compelled to flee the city. His only way out was the well-kept secret passage out of London. With the Escape Tour London, you follow in Jack's footsteps, and you do everything to find that secret passage.

Jack is a real horror because he not only killed his victims, who were all prostitutes, he also pulled out their organs! Partly because of this, the police quickly closed in, since they knew the murderer had to be a specialist. So Jack only had two hours' time. Do you think you can find the secret passage within that time frame?

With the Escape Tour London, you wander through the city in search of questions, assignments, riddles and cryptic clues. Will you succeed? Then you will not only come across the nicest places in the city, but you will also find the secret passage! Will you set a record time? Then you will earn a place on the Wall of Fame. The search starts at Westminster Hall. Good luck!

Available in the languages: English Nederlands

Start the game whenever you like
Max. 2 hours
2-5 persons (per team)
€ 49,95 per team
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How does it work?
1. Choose your city, pay easily online and receive direct instructions in your email to start the Escape Tour .
2. You can start the game whenever you like. Right now, tomorrow, next week, in a month...
3. Solve the mystery and escape within 2 hours. Become the winner of the month!
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  • Most popular city: Utrecht
  • More than 13,000 played Escape Tours
  • Secret escape 8,100 times found
  • 34.000 walked kilometers